Canine Hunger Games

That’ll teach him not to steal from me!

I came across the above gif on Reddit today and it reminded me of Sydney and Tudor.

This was always a problem we faced at home. Sydney was a bit of a doormat. Tudor, being the more rambunctious of the two, would walk all over poor Syd and get his way.

We started off giving lunch to both Sydney and Tudor at the same time, at the same place, more for a convenience factor than anything else – it was easier to just put the food at the same place for both the dogs and maintain an eye over them than separate the two and expending more energy in the process. Soon, it became clear that a separation was needed, as Tudor would end up eating his own food as well as Sydney’s.

We quickly found out that this had absolutely no effect on Tudor’s habit. We would give Sydney his food in the backyard and Tudor his food in the front of the house. Tudor, the little devil, would wolf down his own food taking all of about twenty seconds to do so and rush to the backyard immediately after, pushing Sydney out of his way and eating Syd’s lunch as well.

The look of disappointment in Sydney’s eyes was palpable. I am a bad person, and I found this hilarious, especially considering that Sydney was Tudor’s father.

If only he had the brains to do what the dog in the gif did…


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